Outreach Connect Heading

We are so excited that our

Outreach Connect Programme

has finally launched making its first contribution

to people in need in our local community

Reaching out

Today we handed over 250 ‘Outreach Connect’ community meals to the Mid Surrey Community Fridges for distribution to the most vulnerable and in need local families and households. 

For some time now we have been committed to working with our local community and because food is our passion we want to provide tasty and healthy meals to as many as we can that need it the most. 



Looking After the Community

Kick started by our involvement with Feeding the NHS frontliners during lockdown it became increasingly apparent that there are so many more people in our community who are isolated, at risk or struggling and desperately need help.  

And we want to help

So we have established ‘Outreach Connect’ which is for us to ‘reach out’ with our food to those in need and ‘connect’ with other community programmes to ensure the food gets to where it is needed most.

Mid Surrey Community Fridges

We are honoured to be working with Mid Surrey Community Fridges.  Their aim is to stop food wastage and to redistribute the excess food from supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and suppliers to residents so food is not wasted. They prioritise those most in need, but the food available from their community fridge locations is free to anybody. 

Have a look at their work – it is truly inspiring

Visit Mid Surrey Community Fridges